Solar Torches

The Solar torches come attached with a solar panel, which contains photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells convert the light from the sunrays which are incident upon them into usable DC electricity which is stored in a battery. The energy thus stored in the battery is then used to illuminate a group of LED lights.

• Solar torches consist of solar panel and Batteries attached to it
• Lightweight and unique design makes it easy to use
• Available in various colours and sizes

Solar 3 LED Torch (Model No: SGST-01):-

• Rugged construction made of ABS plastic
• Charging by Solar(4V Panel)
• Long lasting cells
• Superior illumination Above (13000mcd)
• Super bright LEDs
• Rechargeable Battery
• High reflective acrylic

Solar 4 LED Torch (Model No: SGST-02):-

Technical Specification :-
• Material: ABS project material Anti-UV
• Solar panel :Monocrystalline 0.4W glue sealed
• Built-in battery:NiMH-AAA,2pcs 500 mAh
• Light Source :white light 5600K,LED,4pcs
• Lighting Time :5 hours when fully charged
• Charging Time : 8 hours on sunny days

Features :-
• Clean energy products
• Small and light, easy to carry (Size & weight:128×60×24mm -100g)
• Durable, 5years’ life time.
• High- tech products, perfect gifts for friends.
• Ideal illumination tool, for family life, travel, outdoor activities and car standby. Especially emergency.