Solar Water Heater

We are offering a wide range of Evacuated Tube collector (ETC) Solar Water Heaters ranging from 100 LPD & above .We offer solar water heaters that are used to generate hot water for residential as well as commercial applications. These are cost efficient, energy efficient and environment friendly, which can be used in all kinds of climate.

Technical Specification:
Material: Stainless Steel
Inner tank: 316 grade stainless steel
Outer tank: 304 grade stainless steel
Tube Material: Special Grade Borosilicate Glass
Inner Tube Diameter: 37 mm Absorption coating Layer
Outer Tube Diameter: 47mm Absorption coating Layer
Length of Tube:1500 mm
Brackets: Stainless steel
Reflector: Aluminium Steel

• Long life up to 10-15 years
• Low maintenance, high efficiency
• Electrical back up for non sunny days
• No pollution
• Eco friendly
• Assure genuine spares
• Capacity: 500 to 100000 liters capacity available

• Hostel, hotels
• Industries, dairies,
• Textile mills, pulp & paper mills
• Laundries, canteen
• Boilers feed application
• All kind of hot water applications